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A New Therapy Has People With Dementia Sharing Baseball Memories

Where were you when Willie Mays made ‘The Catch?’ Chatting with other fans, watching footage of old games and even playing wiffle ball can be therapeutic When persons with dementia engage with others who share their passion for the game, colorful memories can emerge. (SAHAS2015/Shutterstock.com) By Michael Ego, The Conversation smithsonian.com 2 hours ago Dementia […]

These Underwater Robots Offer a New Way to Sample Microbes From the Ocean

The health of forests of underwater plankton have a big impact on the environment, and oceanographers are just starting to understand it A long-range autonomous underwater vehicle carrying an environmental sample processor cruises beneath the surface during field trials in Hawaii. (Elisha Wood-Charlson, University of Hawaii) By Nathan Hurst smithsonian.com 2 hours ago Off the […]

The Ethical Challenges Self-Driving Cars Will Face Every Day

The biggest ethical quandaries for self-driving cars arise in mundane situations, not when crashes are unavoidable Decisions made by engineers today will determine how all cars drive. (Grendelkhan, CC BY-SA) By Johannes Himmelreich, The Conversation smithsonian.com 2 hours ago A lot of discussion and ethical thought about self-driving cars have focused on tragic dilemmas, like […]

Could ‘Nanowood’ Replace Styrofoam?

Scientists at the University of Maryland have developed a biodegradable material is both strong and a good insulator Researchers think nanowood has enormous potential as a green building material. (Hua Xie/University of Maryland) By Emily Matchar smithsonian.com Expanded polystyrene (or “Styrofoam”) is an excellent insulator. That’s why it’s a popular material for insulating buildings—and why […]

Can We Gene-Edit Herpes Away?

Because the virus hides out deep in our bodies and stays there for life, a vaccine has eluded scientists for decades. But there may be another way Gene editing, which uses «molecular scissors» to cut and replace pieces of DNA, could be key for curing herpes. (RooM the Agency / Alamy) By Becky Little smithsonian.com […]

This DNA-Based Attack Against Cancer May Just Work

A newly approved treatment is a milestone in gene therapy for cancer An illustration depicting the life cycle of a cancer cell (Wikimedia Commons) By Zoe Sayler Smithsonian Magazine | Subscribe April 2018 Dimas Padilla, a 44-year-old sales representative who lives near Orlando, hoped he had seen his last battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But while […]