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A Hangover Pill Is Working on Drunk Mice

The new antidote may lower blood alcohol levels, helping a hangover and preventing alcohol overdose deaths (By bogdanhoda/Shutterstock.com) By Yunfeng Lu, The Conversation smithsonian.com May 10, 2018 10:55AM “Civilization begins with distillation,” said William Faulkner, a writer and drinker. Although our thirst for alcohol dates back to the Stone Age, nobody has figured out a […]

Could a Pill Help Detect Breast Cancer?

University of Michigan researchers are developing a pill that when ingested causes tumors to glow under infrared light Sumit Bhatnagar, a PhD student in chemical engineering at the University of Michigan, inspects tumor cells used in developing a new diagnostic pill. (Evan Dougherty) By Emily Matchar smithsonian.com May 9, 2018 12:08PM Women eventually face the […]

Designing «Adaptive Clothing» For Those With Special Needs

Companies are releasing new inclusive lines that solve some of the dressing challenges that people with physical and mental disabilities face “We design the garments around what parents want for their children, what occupational therapists are asking for, what children are saying they’re most comfortable in,” says Sasha Radwan, founder of SpecialKids.Company. (SpecialKids.Company) By Emily […]

Scientists Have a New Way of Knowing How Many Sharks Are in the Sea

The predators are elusive, but marine ecologists are finding more of them by analyzing the “environmental DNA” in ocean water samples (Normana Karia / shutterstock) By Stefano Mariani and Judith Bakker, The Conversation smithsonian.com May 4, 2018 Imagine studying animals without seeing them. Does that sound ludicrous? To people like us, who first got interested […]

How Accurately Can Scientists Reconstruct A Person’s Face From DNA?

Predicting physical features from genetic data certainly has its limitations, but it is advancing. What does this mean for our privacy? The science of DNA facial reconstruction is advancing rapidly. (Clard/Pixabay) By Caitlin Curtis and James Hereward, The Conversation smithsonian.com May 4, 2018 Everywhere we go we leave behind bits of DNA. We can already […]

Think You Can Design a Hotel Room Out of Ice?

The Icehotel in Sweden has an open call for artists and non-artists alike to imagine their own frozen suite Past winner «Daily Travellers» by Alem Teklu and Anne Karin Krogevoll. (Asaf Kliger) By Jennifer Nalewicki smithsonian.com May 3, 2018 Designing and building a hotel suite is no easy endeavor. Now imagine doing so using nothing […]

These Strange Ocean Creatures Trap Their Food In a Net of Mucus

Biologists are finding that these invertebrate grazers can actually be picky eaters—and their choices might influence ocean food webs A pelagic snail ensnares food with with a mucous web. (Linda Ianniello https://lindaiphotography.com, CC BY) By Kelly Sutherland, The Conversation smithsonian.com May 3, 2018 All animals must eat to survive. If you’ve heard the term “grazer” […]