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In Norway, an Ambitious New Standard for Green Building Is Catching On

A coalition called Powerhouse is designing buildings that produce more energy than they use in their entire lifecycle Powerhouse’s strict definition of energy-positive takes every stage of a building’s lifecycle into account, from the construction and transport of materials to eventual demolition. (Powerhouse) By Nathan Hurst smithsonian.com an hour ago In Drøbak, Norway, there’s a […]

This Implantable Chip Could Monitor Alcohol Intake

Engineers have developed a tiny sensor that could potentially replace regular Breathalyzer or blood tests for patients in rehabilitation programs The tiny sensor (UCSD) By Emily Matchar smithsonian.com People arrested for DUIs or other alcohol-related offenses are sometimes ordered to wear so-called SCRAM (secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring) bracelets. The device, usually worn on the […]

A Brief History of the Stoplight

How a bright idea shaped our cities and gave the go-ahead to our love affair with the car (Lucas Zimmermann) By Megan Kate Nelson Smithsonian Magazine | Subscribe May 2018 Driving home from a dinner party on a March night in 1913, the oil magnate George Harbaugh turned on to Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue. It was […]

What Will the Automated City of the Future Look Like?

Tokyo, Singapore and Dubai are becoming prototype ‘robot cities,’ as governments start to see automation as the key to urban living (3000ad/Shutterstock.com) By Mateja Kovacic, The Conversation smithsonian.com 2 hours ago Before I started working on real-world robots, I wrote about their fictional and historical ancestors. This isn’t so far removed from what I do […]

This New System Can See Through Fog Far Better Than Humans

Developed by MIT researchers, the technology could be a boon for drivers and driverless cars Guy Satat, a graduate student in the MIT Media Lab, at the fog machine (Melanie Gonick/MIT) By Emily Matchar smithsonian.com an hour ago Five years ago, my husband and I spent the summer in Scotland. When we weren’t working, we […]

The Real Science Behind Your Favorite Nerd Culture at Awesome Con

Astrophysicists, vehicle technicians and biologists joined the party to bring cutting-edge research to fictional worlds Awesome Con provided an opportunity for science fiction and real-life science to play off of one another. The Robot from Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot (center) illustrates the former, while the NASA jacket of the con attendee on the right […]

Can Biomusic Offer Kids With Autism a New Way to Communicate?

Biomedical engineers are using the sound of biological rhythms to describe emotional states The emotional interface tracks physiological signals associated with emotional states and translates them into music. (joey333/iStock) By Nathan Hurst smithsonian.com an hour ago An ethereal sound, with a smooth, rangy melody that shuffles through keys, and a soft tap for a beat, […]