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The Math Behind the Perfect Free Throw

A basketball computer program simulates millions of trajectories in search of the ideal shot Small differences account for a shooter’s consistency. (Aspen Photo/shutterstock.com) By Larry Silverberg, The Conversation smithsonian.com an hour ago Some 20 years ago, my colleague Dr. Chau Tran and I developed a way to simulate the trajectories of millions of basketballs on the computer. […]

Meet the Female Inventor Behind Mass-Market Paper Bags

A self-taught engineer, Margaret Knight bagged a valuable patent, at a time when few women held intellectual property How did the paper bag come to be? It’s an interesting story. (Teerawut Masawat/Alamy) By Ryan P. Smith smithsonian.com 2 hours ago It’s natural to think about the processes that produced the food in your daily sack […]

What Frankenstein Can Still Teach Us 200 Years Later

An innovative annotated edition of the novel shows how the Mary Shelley classic has many lessons about the danger of unchecked innovation Dr. Frankenstein at work in his laboratory (Wikimedia Commons) By Kat Eschner smithsonian.com 2 hours ago In movies, television shows and even Halloween costumes, Frankenstein’s monster is usually portrayed as a shuffling, grunting […]

Google Japan Now Has Street View From a Dog’s Perspective

It’s like riding an Akita around Japan By Andrea Romano, Travel + Leisure smithsonian.com an hour ago Google Street View is an excellent way of “putting yourself inside the map,” so-to-speak, in order to become familiar with a new place. But Street View usually only provides one point of view — the human point of […]

Embroidering Electronics Into the Next Generation of ‘Smart’ Fabrics

Is an archaic sewing skill a key to connected, sensing, communicating fabrics of the future? Is this machine adding an antenna to the fabric? (Hindrik Johannes de Groot/Shutterstock.com) By Asimina Kiourti, The Conversation smithsonian.com Archaeology reveals that humans started wearing clothes some 170,000 years ago, very close to the second-to-last ice age. Even now, though, most modern […]

When Doctors Need New Medical Tools, These Students Are Up To the Challenge

Medical device design courses are more than just good education Alexander Mok (left) tests his group’s cardiopulmonary assessment device with exercise physiologist Casey White (right) at Massachusetts General Hospital. (Teresa Lin) By Nathan Hurst smithsonian.com 2 hours ago Exercise intolerance, or the inability to physically exert oneself without experiencing shortness of breath or extreme fatigue, […]

One Hundred Years Later, the Madness of Daylight Saving Time Endures

The original arguments Congress made for ‘springing ahead’ have been thoroughly debunked. So why are they still being used today? Unfortunately, there’s not an unlimited amount of daylight that we can squeeze out of our clocks. (igorstevanovic/Shutterstock.com) By Michael Downing, The Conversation smithsonian.com One hundred years after Congress passed the first daylight saving legislation, lawmakers […]